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DYMND BUILD has 4 Key Ingredients that each Provide Benefits to Performance and Training.

  • Ingredient 1 – 350MG of Creatine HCL – A Newer Creatine to the Market, This Form is Made of Creatine with Hydrocholoride Attached. By Doing this, enhances water solubility and absorption. This can mean that it’s nearly 30x More Soluble than Standard Creatine, which means less powder, but more results. The Best Part, being water soluble means little to no water retention, which can often be a side effect of standard creatine.
    • What Can you Expect? – After 4-7 Days you should see improved Strength Performance, Especially when focusing on HEAVIER weigths. As your strength goes up, this only means you able to push yourself a little further allowing your body more muscular hypertrophy (Muscle Growth)
  • Ingredient 2 – 150MG of ElevATP® – ElevATP® is a natural combination of ancient peat and apple polyphenols clinically shown to increase levels of endogenous ATP and support improved strength, power, and performance in resistance-trained athletes.* (Lets break this down for ya) – Why Boost ATP? – Well ATP is chemical energy in the form of phosphate, that your body uses mainly for muscle contraction. As we consume nutrients like Glucose and Oxygen, our body shuttles them into the Mitochondria where ATP is produced. After each workout, that “Chemical Energy” is drained and replenished as we take breaks or rest between sets or training. ElevATP® speeds up the regeneration by 62%, that means your ready to lift heavy weight again… FASTER.
    • What Can you Expect? – ElevATP® has near immediate results, and your biggest indicator you will notice is that you will see improved muscle performance between your heavier sets. Less Fatigue and Less Down time between those heavy sets!
  • Ingredient 3 – 150MG of Vaso6™ -In short, the compounds in VASO6™ work by inducing the enzyme responsible for producing Nitric Oxide (NO). This enzyme, called endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), is necessary for blood vessel dilation, as without it, NO cannot be formed and blood flow is not enhanced. NO is a simple molecule that causes blood vessels to expand, which in turn improves nutrient (glucose, amino acids, etc.) partitioning/shuttling, especially to skeletal muscle tissue. As such, vasodilation increases from VASO6™ provides the optimal environment for muscle protein synthesis to occur after intense resistance training. When nutrient delivery to muscle cells is optimised by increased blood flow, muscular hypertrophy (growth) is the result.
    • What can you expect? – N.O. Oxides will help you on what we call the Volume End. You will see the most benefits when trainig HIT, High Volume, or Mutli Movement training sessions where Oxygen, Recovery, and Nutrient Delivery are key to keep your performance up when doing 10+ Reps or more!
  • Ingredient 4 – 100MG of Laxogenin – Laxogenin is a unique compound that is commonly referred to as the plant anabolic. People call it the plant steroid because it’s derived from the Smilax Sieboldii, which contains brassinosteroids. What these do brassinosteroids is they cause growth in plants. Therefore, scientists started to investigate further the potential and benefits they had in humans.
    • What can you expect? There are Several Key Benefits of Laxogenin that you will start to notice after just 7 days. 1st is increased Protein Synthesis which not only helps your body utilize protein from your diet, but also ensure your body doesn’t break down key muscle proteins. Secondly, it can help the body maintain and protect muscle while the user is cutting calories and trying to lean down. Allowing the User to focus on ONLY losing body fat!

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